Bungalow Sidewalls are available from EZ-UP4U

Bungalow EZ-UP Shelter Sidewalls

Envelop your Bungalow® Pavilion EZ-UP Shelter in elegance with full sidewalls. Full sidewalls can transform your cabana into a true retreat area, providing protection from the afternoon sun or evening breeze, and privacy from prying eyes.

  • Easy to set up with hooks along the top and quick attachment straps to secure around each leg.
  • Convenient Heavy-Duty middle zippers offer easy access to your cabana from any direction.
  • For elegance when not in use, included tie-backs secure sidewalls at each leg in a drawn back position for a beautiful corner curtain look.

10x10 Luxe Sidewalls
Item #BGSW10LX4
Sale $1800.00!   

13x13 Luxe Sidewalls-Set of 6
Item #BGSW13LX6
Sale $1999.00!   

16x16 Luxe Sidewalls
Item #BGSW16LX6
Sale $2299.00!   

10x10 Villa Sidewalls
Item #BGSW10VL4
Sale $1800.00!   

13x13 Villa Sidewalls
Item #BGSW13VL6
Sale $1999.00!   

16x16 Villa Sidewalls
Item #BGSW16VL6
Sale $2299.00!   

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