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As of June 6, 2016, both UPS and FedEx are implementing a handling charge on items longer than 48" in length. While we are aware this extra charge impacts the overall shipping costs on many products, please be assured, we are not profiting from these higher rates. We will do our best to combine shipping and minimize costs wherever possible.

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Pagoda Shelter
The Pagoda model is discontinued. Parts shown as "out of stock" are discontinued and will not be available.

EZ-UP Pagoda Replacement Parts
1. Outer Truss Bars Pair
2. Outer Center Truss Bar Pair
3. Pagoda Center Peak Cap
4. Pagoda Peak Truss Set (3 bar plus spring bar)
5. Pagoda Leg Slider
6. Pagoda Frame Extension Tube
7. Pagoda Upper Outer Leg Assembly (includes leg cap and toggle, slider
8. Pagoda Inner Lower Leg

Bolt Kit
Item# PGPN
Sale $7.00!
[5] Outer Leg Slider
Item# REPSL2444B
Sale $4.95!
[2] Outer Truss Bar (Center)- Single Bar
Item# PGPTR4620
Price $11.00
[1] Outer Truss Bars- Single Bar
Item# PGPTR4600
Price $11.00
[3] Pagoda Center Peak Cap
Item# PGPPCC480
Sale $4.95!
Pagoda Complete Frame
Item# PGPF1313BR
Sale $119.00!
Pagoda Corner Curtains
Item# PGCC13TN
Sale $9.95!
[6] Pagoda Frame Extension Tube-Pair
Price $19.95
[8] Pagoda Inner Lower Leg
Item# PGPIL4000
Sale $9.95!
[4] Pagoda Peak Truss Set
Item# PGPTR4700/01/03
Sale $19.95!
Pagoda Replacement Top- 2 Pieces
Item# PGT1313-TN/BR
Price $129.99
[7] Pagoda Upper Outer Leg Assembly
Item# PGPOL4800
Sale $12.00!
Roller Bag
Item# PGARB1313BK
Sale $24.95!
Top Vent Replaceent (Upper Peak Piece Only)
Item# PG1313TBVNT
Price $49.99

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