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Hollywood Chairs

Hollywood Chairs is always striving to move forward with industry-leading chairs and prized innovation. That's exactly the kind of enthusiasm with which they approached the "D3" - the standard elm director chair and the proud successor to their critically lauded D2 line.

Yet, nothing will prepare you for the "B5" and "B6" line of chairs, Hollywood Chair's first public foray into a completely bamboo line of chairs. Lighter, sturdier and more comfortable than ever, the "B5" and "B6" are constructed entirely out of laminated bamboo, which is 16% stronger than maple and gives these directrors chairs a unique, beautiful look. As a completely renewable resource, bamboo also offers an environmentally friendly and responsible alternative to hard woods. See the high quality, beautiful bamboo chairs for yourself by clicking the links below.

Hollywood Chair B5-19
B5 - 19"

B5 - 28"

B5 - 32"

D3 - 32"

Drink Holder

Side Bag

Swivel Table

Underseat Bag

Wheel Kit

Foot Rest

Padded Carry Bag

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